Rimworld Patch Notes

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Update 1.5.4104 released

Hey everyone! We're back with a small update containing some changes, improvements and fixes for RimWorld and its expansions. This update sh...

24 May 2024

Anomaly expansion and update 1.5 out now!

The RimWorld - Anomaly expansion is out now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2380740/RimWorld__Anomaly/ We're celebrating Anomaly's r...

11 Apr 2024

Anomaly expansion and update 1.5 announced!

We’re super excited to announce our new horror-themed expansion, RimWorld - Anomaly! This expansion adds all manner of monstrous, mysterio...

13 Mar 2024

Update 1.4.3704 released

Hello hello! There's a little update today that fixes a bug where colonist assignments were removed when you entered a caravan, plus some ot...

19 Apr 2023

Update 1.4.3682 released

Spring is here, so we’re springing into action with a (small) update of fixes for RimWorld and its expansions. The changelog is below, but ...

28 Mar 2023

Update 1.4.3641 released

Hi again, just dropping by with another small update. We addressed some issues with Biotech and fixed a UI scaling issue that occurred when ...

15 Feb 2023

Update 1.4.3613 released

Hi folks! We have a pretty small update with just a few changes and fixes to get 2023 started. This update should be compatible with all sav...

18 Jan 2023

Update 1.4.3580 fixes and wishing you a happy 2023!

Hello, it’s Tia! I’m here to share a small update just before the holidays. ❄️️ Today’s update comes with a looong list of fixes. Loads of ...

17 Dec 2022