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Stellaris Dev Diary #347 - 3.12.5 "Andromeda" Preliminary Release Notes

by Eladrin Hello everyone! This week the 3.12.4 hotfix (which fixed a crash related to non-latin letters in usernames) has been deployed ...

13 Jun 2024

[Dev Team] 3.12.4 Hotfix patch released (checksum f4eb)

Hello, A hotfix patch is now available via Steam, addressing a crash affecting some players trying to start a new game in 3.12.3. Fixed...

31 May 2024

Dev Diary #343 - The Machine Age & 3.12.1 'Andromeda' Preliminary Release Notes

by Eladrin Hello everyone! It is almost time to upgrade our existence. The Machine Age is coming. Here are the preliminary release notes...

02 May 2024

3.11.3 "Eridanus" Patch Released

by PDX-Loke Hello! Our latest and greatest patch, 3.11.3, is now live and ready for download. You will recognize this changelog from tha...

11 Apr 2024

Stellaris Dev Diary #337 - Individualistic Machines and Machine Gameplay Updates

by Eladrin Hello again! Today we’re looking at some general gameplay changes being made to Machine Empires, Individualistic Machines, and...

28 Mar 2024

3.11.2 "Eridanus" Patch Released

by PDX-Loke Hello, Our latest patch is now live and ready for download, fixing most but not yet all of the issues reported from the 'Erid...

12 Mar 2024

3.11.1 "Eridanus" patch released (checksum 0a36)

by PDX-Loke Hello fellow stargazers, The 3.11.1 patch is now live and available for download. Please find the changelog below. Enjoy! ...

27 Feb 2024

Stellaris Dev Diary #332 - 3.11 “Eridanus” Release Notes

by Eladrin Hello everyone! We’ve hit our code freeze, so barring unforeseen circumstances, the 3.11 “Eridanus” update will be released ne...

22 Feb 2024

Stellaris #MODJAM2024 - Update #1

Hello Stellaris Community! #MODJAM2024 is well under way. This year we had over 100 modders sign up, and over 60 design documents submitted...

28 Dec 2023