This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 25 Apr 2024.

Party Animals

Patch Notes

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Content Update

  1. New Mission - Black Sails: Nemo, who failed to escape from the lab, was captured and taken aboard a ship bound for a mysterious destination. Along with him is a husky named Max, whom Nemo seems to have seen somewhere before. En route, they encounter an attack by a group of pirates.

  2. New Mission - Cast Away: After escaping the pirates' pursuit, the transport ship still unfortunately sank. The waves brought Nemo to a small island. This seemingly desolate small island appears to be holding a big secret.

  3. New Game Mode for The Lab - SMASH: In this brand-new round based game mode, players will use 50 "Pawers" to strengthen themselves. These Pawers include: double jump, enhanced stamina, increased resilience, and more.

  4. New Game Mode for The Lab - Black Sails (Duo Mode): You're back on that ship, but this time, you've brought a friend.

  5. Free "Master Pass": Starting at 8 PM (PST) on April 25th, for 21 days, open to all players for free. Players can level up the Master Pass by playing and completing daily Master challenges, unlocking new characters like the Panda, Red Panda, and Kung Fu Hero-themed skins. During the event, XP gained from hero tasks on weekends will be doubled!

Feature Update

  1. Quick Match now supports local players to play together (just like Custom Games, up to three additional local players can be added, for a total of four players on one device)


  1. Optimized the issue where some players and AI could move ahead of time at the start of the game
  2. Added an option switch in the game settings to control whether the game continues to play sound when running in the background, which is on by default
  3. Adjusted the impact of the number of round wins in Last Stand and the number of points earned in Teams Score on the final XP gained

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where stepping on a banana peel in mid-air would cause stamina to drop to zero