This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 07 Mar 2024.

Party Animals

Patch Notes

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Feature Updates

  1. In PAWS, the effect of the Shovel card can now be stacked and transferred
    * Shovel - Next player draws 2 penalty cards

  2. In PAWS, you can now pick one color when you play Taser, Bomb and Banana
    * Taser - The next player keeps drawing cards, until they draw a card that is the same color as the Taser or a wild card
    * Bomb - The fuse keeps burning. When the bomb blows up in front of a player, they will draw 4 extra cards
    * Banana - Place it back into the draw pile after playing. If drawn again, player will draw 3 extra cards

  3. Updated PAWS card decriptions for the applicable cards

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue where XBOX client in spectator spots crashes occasionally when Winter Cabin map restarts

  2. Fixed the issue where the Justice Rains From Above achievements are not unlocked in certain cases