This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 08 Feb 2024.

Party Animals

Patch Notes

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Spring Festival Event【2024/2/7 - 2024/2/25】

  1. Free "Shen Loong Pass": Starting from 8 PM on February 7 PST, for a period of 18 days, open to all players for free. Players can upgrade their Shen Loong Pass by playing and completing daily Shen Loong challenges, unlocking more content such as Loong-themed characters, outfits, and more.

  2. Replace the character playing on the sofa in the main interface with Lotus the Loong (dragon).
  3. New festive theme background music for the main interface.
  4. Added festive decorations to some maps.
  5. Replace the spectator throwing items: fish with gold ingot, and bombs with firecracker.

Content Update

  1. New map: Luggage Chaos

  2. New characters: Lotus the loong (dragon), Gopher the marmot
  3. New outfits: A variety of festive theme outfits.


  1. Improved matchmaking experience for new players in quick matches.
  2. In Winter Cabin, the outdoor area where characters can move around without being frozen has been enlarged.
  3. Throwing items in Paws can now knock away players blocking your card view.
  4. In Winter Cabin, the cooldown time before character respawn has been reduced.
  5. A cooldown mechanism has been added to the start game button of Paws to prevent accidental pressing.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue where occasionally certain player's name tag will not show in game