This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 01 Feb 2024.

Party Animals

Patch Notes

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Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue where players couldn't play a card in PAWS after customizing controller buttons
  2. Fixed the mismatched song names and actual songs in the jukebox
  3. Fixed the occasional sudden death issue when playing PAWS
  4. Fixed the issue where the camera couldn't be moved while playing PAWS
  5. Fixed the issue on Xbox One where all throwable items lacked special effects
  6. Fixed the issue where Princess Carrot and Longshanks Sunny did not show their models in the character list
  7. Fixed the UI issue where the prompt to stand up did not appear after sitting in a PAWS chair
  8. Fixed the UI issue where the sit down prompt was still shown even when someone was sitting in a PAWS chair


  1. Updated some of the character descriptions
  2. Updated the PAWS gameplay instructions