This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 16 Apr 2024.

Party Animals

Patch Delayed

Posted by Andy on

Dear Players,

First and foremost, please allow me, on behalf of the entire development team, to express our deepest apologies. We know that many players have been eagerly anticipating the new content update originally scheduled for release on April 18th. However, regrettably, we have to postpone the release date to April 25th. The Twitch Drop event is also delayed to April 25th.

This delay is due to the discovery of some serious bugs during our final testing phase that could negatively impact the gaming experience. Our team is working tirelessly to fix these issues to ensure that when the new content goes live, the product meets our quality standards.

We understand that this decision may disappoint many players, and for that, we are truly sorry. Please trust that this was a difficult decision, but one made to ensure we can provide you with a more polished and seamless gaming environment.

In this update, aside from the originally planned content, we have also prepared some new gameplay elements that may surprise and delight you. The development team will announce these additions later this week. We hope that these new features will, to some extent, make up for the inconvenience caused by the delay and add more fun and freshness to your gaming experience.

We greatly value the support and understanding of each and every player. Without your enthusiasm and feedback, we could not continue to move forward. Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this update delay and ask for your understanding.

Party Animals
April 16th 2024