This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 12 Apr 2024.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Roadmap Update - April 2024

Posted by Stidsholt on

Hello Survivors,

Many of you are eager to hear what our plans are for the next updates, and we haven’t updated the roadmap after Update 01 (Salt Pits). But we are finally ready to share our plans for Update 02 - at least the rough headlines. In the coming weeks, we will start revealing more details, but for now we hope this will sate your ravenous appetite for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor content. Update 02 is currently scheduled for a May release (exact timing pending).

In the roadmap revision 02, you will notice we have shifted around some priorities. For example, Bosco 2.0 has moved down to “later”, and the current highest priority is enemies and overclocks. This is because we think the best thing for the game right now is adding more variety across the board instead of extra layers. These priorities are likely to change in the future.

Thanks for your continued support,

Rock and Stone!
The Funday Dwarves