This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 22 Mar 2024.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Hotfix 0.2.190d

Posted by RenG on

Hello survivors,

A quick hotfix is out now!

We have identified performance issues with the Breach Cutter and the Shard Diffractor. In this hotfix, we address the Breach Cutter issues and some of the Shard Diffractor issues.

Improvements & Fixes

We will continue to keep an eye on performance. Also, we are aware there are other issues, like damage numbers, that can cause FPS drops, these will be addressed in the future.

Other than that, a few audio bugs have been taken care of as well:

- Fixed a performance issue with the Breach Cutter
- Throttled some impact VFX on the Shard Diffractor when many enemies are present.
- Audio: Fixed BRN Shield Belt and FRZ Shield belt audios not obeying the SFX volume slider
- Audio: Fixed Falling Stalagmite audio not obeying the SFX volume slider
- Audio: Fixed the PlasmaBurster grenade audio not pausing correctly

The symptoms of these bugs were FPS drops when using those weapons (especially at high hazard levels with many enemies on screen), and in some cases, the dwarf could stop mining intermittently.