This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 22 Feb 2024.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Hotfix 0.2.152d

Posted by Stidsholt on

Hello Survivors,

Edit: We had an issue with the menu when we launched this hotfix. A hotfix to the hotfix has been deployed and everything should be working again.

Another round of hotfixes have landed. This time, a couple of soft locks and run-ending bugs have been taken care of. See details below.

We are still monitoring / investigating crashes and save data issues.

On the topic of save data, we are now seeing ONE of the causes that can lead to this: Some players do not have enough space left on their Windows drive for the game to save the file to disk.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE ON THE DRIVE WHERE YOUR USER FOLDER LIVES. The save file itself doesn’t take up much space, but Windows can be very tricky here, it needs plenty of room (gigabytes) because of pagefile upsizing etc. Clean out some old dusty stuff if you are having save issues. This will fix some cases of the save wipe issue, but there are some still some left for us to track down.

Down the line, we will look into a more graceful way of handling this problem, by announcing the error when it happens in-game, and giving the player a chance to retry saving after freeing up space.

Improvements & Fixes
  • Fixed a run-ending bug where the "Upgrade UI" could soft lock if you accidentally pressed B quickly followed by A on any of the upgrade screens (Level Up, Overclock, Supply Pod, and Shop). A big thanks to our community for helping to make a solid repro case here.
  • Fixed a bug where the Drop Pod could land in “a void” on entry if you skip through the Shop screen fast enough (run-ending)
  • Fixed a bug where the Drop Pod could land outside the map when coming to pick you up (run-ending)
  • Fixed a bug in 'groundzone damage tracking' which would over-report damage numbers by a lot on the end screen damage report (Incendiary Grenade, Sludge Pump, Viper Drones, Neurotoxin Grenade, Overclocked Impact Axe, Overclocked Hurricane, Overclocked Plasma Charger).