This is an archive of patch notes originally posted on 20 Feb 2024.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Hotfix 0.2.146d

Posted by Stidsholt on

Hello Survivors,

We have seen a massive interest in the game, and the launch went well over our expectations! Thank you all so much for that. We will have a separate blog post about the launch in a little bit, but it does mean that way more people are playing the game than we anticipated, and way more bugs are reported than we expected. In a very meta way, we are being swarmed by bugs. Thank you all for reporting on our discord and being helpful by supplying us with logs and save files - this stuff really helps us understand the problems better.

This hotfix contains a bunch of smaller fixes to various issues we have seen and heard about from you. Some of the bigger problems are NOT fixed in this hotfix update, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t working on them. We understand that it can be frustrating to lose your progress, and we are investigating the reports of save data wipes. We also understand that it’s obviously not great to have your run ended by a UI soft-lock, or the Drop Pod landing in the middle of nowhere (who’s aiming that thing anyway?)

We are actively focusing on finding and fixing these issues, worry not. In this update we have added extra logging around the save system, which should hopefully help us narrow down what is going on with the (relatively) few users who have seen save data failures (we think the save system fails to save to the hard drive for you guys).

We also know there are various annoying audio issues. Some of these are fixed here, but some will be fixed in a later update

Stick with us as we work through the swarms of (software-)bugs and crashes.

Improvements & Fixes
  • Save Data: Fixed an issue where Save Data was wiped (or not saved at all) on some computers. This may or may not have fixed the issue for you. A quick way to test this, is to do a short run where you mine some meta-upgrade minerals, die and return to the menu, restart the game, and check if you still have those minerals. If it still doesn’t save progress it will have triggered the new logging and you have helped us figure this issue out.
  • Save Data: Added extra logging around save/load operations which should help us track down and understand remaining save issues
  • Reload Shield : Fixed a bug where it didn’t account for being picked up DURING a reload
  • Leadstorm Minigun: Fixed issue where audio could get stuck playing in the background
  • Tactical LeadBurster: Reduced the throw range and height by about 50%, this should reduce chances that it lands on top of rocks wasting all of its bullets
  • Colette Wavecooker: Fixed issue with missing audio.
  • Colette Wavecooker: Fixed issue where the beam didn’t turn off when you die or enter the Drop Pod
  • UI: Fixed the Class Mod page not updating its info boxes properly
  • UI: Fixed the in-game gold/nitra wallet which wasn’t updating when time slows down for the Level Up screen
  • Removed the Dwarf voice line "Die like your mother did" because we think it's out of place and don't want to remind some players of tragic events in their life when they want to relax with a video game. We might add a voice line filter in options down the line if enough people want it.